BLH Nobel

Our partner in this area is the world leader in Weighing Systems and Force Measurement, BLH NOBEL. Given its magnitude, and also because of the several acquisitions it has made in this segment, it has a broad range of products and strong knowhow in this field.
This partnership allows us to improve the technical solutions and fully satisfy our Customers’ needs.

Proces Data

TECNOCON has used, commercialised and represented the Danish manufacturer of Proces-Data flow meters in Portugal since it was founded. The technical and commercial advantage of these products is based on the particularity of producing a single model, designed specifically for the food and conductivity fluid industry.


Despite responding to Customer specifications with the widest range of brands on the market, TECNOCON has represented in Portugal, for over 25 years, the world leader in Touch Panels, Pro-face. With a broad selection of sizes, models and communication protocols, these consoles have an extremely diverse range of applications, from a simple machine to the control of a complex industrial process.


Medição de pressão
A Pondus é especialista no desenvolvimento, fabrico e venda de dispositivos e soluções de medição de pressão.


Sistemas modulares de armários elétricos
A CUBIC é uma empresa especialista em sistemas modulares para a construção de painéis elétricos