1.Privacy Policy
1.1. This document establishes the Privacy Policy of the Tecnocon Website (henceforth referred to as “Privacy Policy”) and includes the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website (henceforth referred to as “Terms and Conditions”), and the two items should be read together. The Terms and Conditions establish the rules for using the Website, including limitations and exclusions of responsibility. Please read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions carefully, before using the Website. By providing your personal data, you are authorising the collection, processing and use of such data in accordance with the rules defined herein.
1.2. Unless expressly otherwise stipulated in this document, all the terms defined in this Privacy Policy have the meaning attributed to them in the Terms and Conditions.

2. Controller
2.1. The controller of the processing of the personal data is the company Tecnocon-Tecnologia e Sistemas de Controle, S.A, with NIPC (Tax number) 502 192 372, and the following address: Rua Nossa Senhora da Graça, nº1267, Cerqueda - Codal Apartado (P.O. Box) 106, 3730-541 Vale de Cambra (henceforth referred to as “Company”).
2.2. The contact details of the Company are as follows:
E-mail: or
Postal Address: Rua Nossa Senhora da Graça, nº1267, Cerqueda - Codal Apartado (P.O. Box) 106, 3730-541 Vale de Cambra.

3. Processing of Personal Data
3.1. By using the contact form, the User expressly agrees to the Company processing the following categories of personal data: name, telephone number and e-mail address; the IP address of the computer or mobile device through which the Website is accessed may also be collected. Personal information that is transmitted by the User to the Company by e-mail, telephone, fax, mobile messages or any other communication channel shall also be processed.
3.2. The navigation and registration on the Website involves the use of Google Analytics, and consequently the processing by the Company and Google of the following information categories: geographical location of access (continent, country, city), age, sex, language, device from which the Website is accessed (e.g. mobile device, tablet, desktop computer) and navigation behaviours on the page (e.g. new user or return user, average session time, average time spent on each page, including in the private area). With regard to the use of Google Analytics on the Website, please see point 6 below.
3.3. For the purposes of the stipulations of this Privacy Policy, any personal data or information relative to the User processed by the Company will generically and for the purpose of this Privacy Policy be called “Personal Data”.
3.4. The supply of some personal data is mandatory, and is duly marked as such, and if this information is missing or insufficient the message will not be sent by the User to the Company.
3.5. By filling in the Website contact form, the User expressly grants consent to process the Personal Data for the following purposes:
a) for navigation and use of the Website;
b) for management of the User contacts;
c) for delivery of information or events related to the Company;
d) for carrying out marketing initiatives;
3.6. The Website can provide areas for games, contests or chat forums, and for each one of them the User’s Personal Data may be requested, which will be processed only after the User has expressly granted consent to do so; before providing consent, the User will be informed of the categories of Personal Data that will be processed and the respective purposes for doing so; these Personal Data will be subject to this Privacy Policy.
3.7. The User expressly authorises the Company to carry out or organise marketing initiatives by sending advertising messages to your mobile phone or e-mail account or to market products and/or related events.
3.8. Protection of the Users’ privacy is a big concern of the Company’s. The personal data are collected digitally and in strict compliance with the personal data protection laws and are stored in specific databases created for the purpose. The Company aims to observe best practices as regards the security and protection of personal data, taking action to improve systems to safeguard the Personal Data and undertaking to adopt appropriate technical and logical security measures to protect the Personal Data processed for the aforementioned purposes.
3.9. No subcontractors are used, and no data is communicated to other entities.

4. Consent
4.1. With regard to direct marketing initiatives, Users have the right to revoke their consent by simply clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in the message sent to do so.
4.2. Revoking consent to process Personal Data, as described in the previous points, depending on the specific situation, implies limited navigation of the Website and no longer receiving direct marketing messages.

5. Accessing, updating or deleting Personal Data
5.1. Until otherwise indicated by the data subject, the Company shall assume that the data collected were inserted by the data subject himself/herself and that their insertion has been authorised, and the data are accurate.
5.2. The Company guarantees Users the right to access their data, with no restrictions or unjustified delays, transmitting the information concerning their data to them in clear language and which rigorously matches the content of the registered data.
5.3. To exercise the rights to access, update, rectify or erase Personal Data, the User should send a written request to the Company, to one of the postal or e-mail addresses in point 2.2. above.

6. Cookies and information storage and access
6.1. The Website uses “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that identify your computer on our server; the Website is located on a standard Apache server. Cookies in themselves do not identify the individual user, only the computer or the device used.
6.2. On this Website we use Google analytics services to gauge the efficacy of our content and the preferences of our users that allow us to contribute to optimising the functioning of this Website. We use performance cookies to monitor how users individually access our Website and how frequently. This information is used only for statistical purposes without identifying any user in particular.
6.3. All browsers allow the User to accept, refuse or delete Cookies, by selecting the appropriate settings on the respective browser. You can configure the Cookies in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. To find out more about Cookies, visit
6.4. As outlined in point 3.2. above, the Website uses Google Analytics, which collects and processes the Users’ data. Google Analytics is used for the following purposes: to provide access to statistical information about the Users, ascertaining the utility, interest and number of visits to the Website, monitoring the pages and content visited, countries from which the Website is visited and methods of using the Website. To find out more about Google Analytics, visit
6.5. The Company shall obtain from the Users and whenever legally necessary, the respective consent for using Cookies and mechanisms for storing and accessing information, under the terms required by law.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy
7.1. The Company reserves the right, at any time, to process the modifications or updates to the Privacy Policy, security and protection of data, whereby any relevant changes will be duly transmitted to the Users through the Website by means of a specific notification that will appear during the use of the Website. Whenever legally required, the User will be asked for his/her respective consent in relation to such modifications or updates. Refusal to grant consent may, depending on the specific case, make it impossible to access the Website.
7.2. In the event of a conflict between this Privacy Policy and those that are subsequently published as a consequence of changes, the latter will prevail over the former.